Warning!! Moon DOGE game is running on the DOGE testnet. Do NOT send real DOGE to the address below.

Moon DOGE game


Welcome to the Moon DOGE game!


Win double your money*! Such profit!


Help get the doge to the moon! Much fun!

How to play

Wager any amount of DOGE you want by sending to the address below. Your wager gets added to the pool and the doge advances to the next level when the goal is reached. If the doge reaches one full level above your point of entry before the timer runs out, then the doge reaches the moon and you double your money*. The more people that play, the faster the doge reaches the next level. If the timer runs out before the doge reaches the next level, then you lose your wager and the game is restarted from the beginning. The timer is extended by 1 day after every level.

*Double your money that is contained within your level of entry, minus house fees (10%) and transactions fees. Your original wager plus winnings are returned to the dogecoin address from which it was originally sent. Do not send tokens from an exchange address.